Balloon Tours

Experience the GRANDEUR of the country side and the THRILL of floating along with the clouds.

There is no more captivating way to fly than suspended below the brilliant colors of a hot -air balloon, and no one will provide a more fun-filled experience than our partner Liberty Balloon Company! (

The Chalet of Canandaigua offers HOT AIR BALLOON rides launched from The Chalet!

Enjoy an intimate and memorable experience, with one of the most wonderful aspects of ballooning being the uniqueness of every flight.

Choose from either of these packages:

Launch from The Chalet:

The Chalet will take care of everything you’ll need. First meet your pilot and his chase crew while the launch Is being prepared from the convenience of our front lawn. Then enjoy a ride back to The Chalet ready to start your day (if a morning flight) or enjoy regaling others of your adventure on the Chalet Porch (if an evening flight). Call for current pricing.


Launch from the Liberty Balloon Site:

The Chalet will book your flight and make sure your all set for your adventure. You’ll drive to the local launch site, meet your pilot and his chase crew while the launch is being prepared. Enjoy reliving the experience with the chase crew while they bring you back to your car after your flight.

In either case, you will have an experience NEVER to be forgotten! Splash and Dash! Skim The Water or the Tree Tops! Spectacular Panoramic Views!

Let The Chalet of Canandaigua AND The Liberty Balloon Company, an unbeatable pair, provide for an ADVENTURE of a LIFE TIME! Call Today!

For more information please contact Margaret Covington or Pattie English at 585-394-9080 or


We are happy to take your reservations by phone, fax, e-mail, or online.